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The Origin of Fake ABC's and why there is a need to be appropriate

There has been a rise of Fake ABC's in Hong Kong in the recent years, which shows that Hong Kongers have a much higher appreciation of foreign culture than before. But is this good or bad for our language development? For those of you who are not familiar with what this meetup is aiming to do, I recommend you to read this powerpoint, as it has a comprehensive breakdown of how Hong Kongers can take themselves to the 'next level'. (Date: 25/7/19)

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How to be a more 'appropriate' fake ABC - Part 6

With the advent of the internet, words have been coined to explain certain phenomenon that often happen in online communities. But where do these words come from and why do people use them? Take a look at this week's slides to find out! (Date: 3/8/19)

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How to be a more 'appropriate' fake ABC - Part 5

Internet slang terms have arisen since the invention of internet. But how have they evolved over the years since gaming became popular? Check out this week's slides to find out! (Last Updated: 27/7/19, Date: 8/7/19)

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How to be a more 'appropriate' fake ABC - Part 4

Busy, busy, busy. We are all so busy all the time, aren't we? But are there more alternative ways of expressing yourself when somebody asks you about your week? Sure! Why not? Also, in the midst of our busy work life, we might need 'coaching' and 'mentoring' sometimes to aid ourselves in personal growth and improving working performance. These are such common terms nowadays but what is the difference between them? Moreover, in order to help ourselves relax amidst intense workload, we might watch comedies or joke around sometimes to maintain our own sanity. But is 'funny' the only word we can use to describe these things? Check out this week's amazingly informative slides to find out! (Date: 16/6/18)

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How to be a more 'appropriate' fake ABC - Part 3

Similar-sounding words are ever so confusing, aren't they? But if we are able to differentiate between them and use them in our conversation, we can sound a lot more accurate and precise in what we are saying! Also, some common verbs may be used to mean something different when paired with certain prepositions. In seldom circumstances, there may even be hand gestures used in English conversation as well, when the speaker wants to express something a little differently. Have fun checking out this week's slides! (Date: 8/6/18)

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How to be a more 'appropriate' fake ABC - Part 2

Do you find that there are so many similar-sounding words that you hear all the time? But which is the appropriate one to use? Also, native speakers often use words that may be quite informal and leave ESL learners just puzzled. Find out what they are by checking out these slides! (Last Updated: 29/6/19, Date: 2/6/18)

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How to be a more 'appropriate' fake ABC

Do you agree that the words 'really' and 'actually' are used way too much in American English conversation? While this may be true, there are many other words that native speakers like to use as well. Learn to switch your choice of words in expressing things some times by reading these slides! (Last Updated: 22/6/19, Date: 28/5/18)

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